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Pain and Depression

#Didyouknow that more than 3/4 of people who live with #chronicpain live with #depression as well? --American Academy of Pain Medicine People with chronic #pain are more likely to experience depression if their pain condition interferes with their social activities and activities of daily living. The brain experiences chronic pain in the same region as depression- the thalamus. 🧠 The negative #emotions associated with chronic pain ("this stupid pain again?" "I hate feeling like this!") can start to shift the experience of pain into depression quite quickly. This can even start to worsen pain over time.

There's a saying in #neurology: 💥"what fires together, wires together."💥

This means that areas in the brain that fire together frequently, soon become automatic patterns (in this case, pain increases depressive thoughts, and depressive thoughts can increase pain).😖↔️🙁 The good news is that these patterns can be "rewired" with practice. Exercises like #meditation and #mindfulness can help develop new thought patterns and reduce the perception of pain over time. My favorite is The Mindful movement YouTube channel.

let me know what your favorite meditation/ mindfulness tools are in the comments 👇👇👇 If you are suffering with pain and depression, please know that you're not alone, and there is help! Visit @mentalhealthamerica, @mentalhealthfoundation, or @mentalhealthadviceorg, just to name a few! . . . . #PainAwarenessMonth #chronicillness#spoonies #mentalhealth#mentalhealthawareness #youarenotalone#chronicloveclub #thespooniesisterhood#mindbodyconnection

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