These are pain relief items I frequently recommend to patients.

- I receive a small percentage of items purchased on this page

- Please check with your healthcare provider before using these

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Migraine Cap

No More Neck Strain

Reading/TV Glasses

Cranio Cradle

Upper Neck Relief

Neck Traction


Total Pillow

Back Nobber II

Trigger Point Device

Flexible Ice Pack

Sobakawa Cloud Pillow

5 pack of 

Resistance Bands

Flexible Ice Wrap

Bauerfeind Omotrain

Shoulder Stabilizer

Alignmed Women's

Posture Shirt - Zip

Bauerfeind Sacroloc

SI Joint Stabilizer

Alignmed Men's

Posture Shirt - Zip

Mueller Back Brace

The Stick

Trigger Point Roller

Foam Roller 


Inflatable Lumbar

Traction Brace

Wool Compression Socks w/ Arch Support

Electric Heating Pad

Assorted Trigger

Point Balls

Flexible Ice Pack

for Knee or Elbow

Kegel Exerciser

with Training App

Compression Leggings

(Men's and Women's)

New Balance Sandals

With Arch Support

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